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piper hire

complete with kilt & day dress £100.00 plus travel

piper hire

complete with full highland dress £150.00 plus travel

top notch piper hire

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£200.00 plus travel

mini pipe band
complete with day dress               
MP3 1.27
£700.00 plus travel

full pipe band

complete with drum corp {10 min}
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£1200.00 plus travel



Banbury 1st place 2002 Grade 3 MP3 1.6 MB     New    

now taking bookings for Burns night

here or some links for ideas

BURNS NIGHT TRADITIONS   The Bard  Planning a burns night

                                                             E-mail: P/M@10th.org

One of his less well known works


Oh what a sleekit horrible beastie
lurks in yer belly efter a feastie
Jist as yae sit doon among yer kin
there starts tae stir an enormous din
God almighty it fairly reeks
hope a hiv'ny shat ma breeks
tae the bog i better scurry
awe whit the hell "it's no ma worry"

The neeps n tatties n mushy peas
start workin like a gentle breeze
but soon the puddin wae the sauncy face
will hiv ye blown all o'er the place

A'bodys roon aboot me chokin
wan or two are nearly boakin
I'll feel better fur a while
cannie help but raise a smile
nae matter wit the hell ye dae
a'bodies gaun tae hiv tae pay
i'ts like a bullit oot ay a rifle
"wis him"shout the accusin glower
alas too late"he's jist keeled ower"
"ye dirty bugger"
they shout and stare
a dinnae feel welcome any mair
haud yer bum tight intae the chair
tae try an stop the leakin air
shifty yersel fae cheek tae cheek
n prey tae God it disney reek
where ere ye be let yer wind go free
sounds like jist the job fur me
whit afuss at Rabbies party
ower the sake o ane wee farty.
but awe yer efforts gang asunder
oot it comes like a clap o thunder
ricochets aroon the room
michty me "a sonic boom"



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